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  • What happens when you take a former child star, add a degree in Hebrew Studies, multiply by a Ph. D. in Neuroscience, mix in an emmy winning science sit-com, add a husband and multiply the product by two kids, and then give her a way to reach out to millions of fans?  Grok Nation.

    Grok Nation

    Mayim Bialik, formerly of Blossom fame and current star of The Big Bang Theory, focuses her attentions on so many different interests that we’re convinced she’s secretly unified general relativity with quantum mechanics and uses it to manipulate time.

    After a long time writing for the the Jewish blog Kveller, Mayim decided to start publishing her thoughts independently through her own outlet.  Her social commentary on topics including parenting, veganism, animal cruelty, science, comic books, sexism and women’s rights, celebrity, and many others, combined with the incredible popularity of The Big Bang Theory has earned Bialik something of a cult following, especially within “geek culture” and specifically among women.


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    Grok Nation

    It was important to Mayim that her brand speak to her fans as well as embody her personality and views.  She decided on the name Grok Nation in homage to the seminal science fiction novel Stranger In A Strange Land.  In developing the brand, Visual Natives ultimately settled on a theme reminiscent of the joys of exploration and possibility embodied by 1950’s pulp fiction magazines.  From the logo “planting the flag” of intellectual freedom and exploration, to easter eggs in the website referencing iconic scientists and sci-fi characters, the design of Grok Nation combines serious content with the quirkiness and whimsy that has earned Bialik the adoration of millions.

    Grok Nation - Logo

    Anticipating the high profile launch of the blog we set up a robust VPS for file hosting and a distributed content delivery network for serving the image driven content resulting in a stable, fast-loading platform able to withstand the stress of a launch resulting in tens of thousands of hits per hour with active intrusion monitoring blocking numerous attempts to compromise the site in the first day.

    Mayim and the talented people at Grok Nation continue to publish thoughtful, compelling content and her interaction with readers exemplifies a more open, supportive and compassionate attitude toward the digital space from which we all could take a lesson.

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