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  • Pirates, rogue waves, violent storms, and shipwrecks seem like plot points for a Hollywood blockbuster.  However, for some professionals these are just a few of the hazards at “the office”.  In this age of internet communication and jetsetting it’s easy to forget how much of the global economy is still dependent on maritime shipping, and how important safety and efficiency are to corporate value.

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    Chembulk Tankers is has a long and storied history of liquid bulk cargo transportation starting in the 1980’s and continuing through several iterations to it’s current independently operated model.  As part of BLT Chembulk, Chembulk Tankers became the third largest chemical transporter in the world.  Currently undergoing a corporate restructuring to new management with the financial backing of KKR & York Capital, it was important to Chembulk Tankers to redefine their newly independent brand, and offer an efficacious distribution point for potential investors to consume information.


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    Chembulk’s website is copy-forward (Provided by award winning author Robert Steven Williams at Against the Grain Communications) with emphasis placed on user experience and efficient navigation to assure that share holders, analysts, and other financial stakeholders can find documents quickly.  Imagery on the website supports the relevant themes of safety, efficiency, accountability, and value.  Updated corporate photography and comprehensive biographies of company employees across all continents emphasizes the corporate values of concern, responsibility, cooperation, collaboration, and transparency.  All of these aspects tied together in a modern, responsive, and well-designed website forward values of creativity, adaptation, and customer service helping to define and separate the Chembulk Tankers brand both from it’s former incarnations and other liquid bulk cargo carriers.

    Visual Natives - Chembulk Tankers
    Visual Natives - Chembulk Tankers
    Visual Natives - Chembulk Tankers
    Chembulk Tankers

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