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How do you introduce a legend?  This seemingly absurd question became a very real concern when Visual Natives signed on as the creative agency behind Def Leppard’s digital marketing.

Obviously such a pedigree could and probably has induced nail-biting, tooth-grinding existential crises in countless creatives racking themselves to come up with the next “great idea” that would really impress the client.  Here at Visual Natives, we favor a simpler approach.  As with any project, Def Leppard can be distilled to a handful of basic questions:  Where are we now?  Where are we going?  How do we get there?

While this may seem overly simplistic, reducing the problem to its essence can reveal some very powerful solutions.  It’s obvious a brand of such pedigree needs no introduction. Instead we chose to focus on how to use a variety of digital mediums to modernize the band’s marketing across established distribution channels.


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By shaping and homogenizing the Def Leppard brand across major digital channels, current content can be promoted in a unified way that encourages digital consumption, rather than the all-too-common scenario of digital distribution as an after thought.  From social media, to websites, to e-mail newsletters and teaser videos, Def Leppard’s message is consistent and clear cementing the band in the “now” as one of the highest-grossing bands of all time and empowering them to continue to sell out arenas worldwide.

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