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  • Mancini Duffy is a full-service design firm specializing in architecture, planning, and interior design. With offices in New York City and New Jersey, the practice complements its century of expertise with contemporary entrepreneurial spirit and technological skill for clients in the commercial, education, financial and professional services, retail, sports, and tech and media sectors.

    Our Task

    Working with Mancini Duffy, our goal was to design and develop a website that not only showcased the expertise and quality of the company’s design portfolio, but to also engage visitors with it’s rich and inspiring company culture. To help make this possible, we worked directly with the talented Carey Balogh from Brand Groupies who managed Mancini Duffy’s social media marketing and branding initiatives. Our forces combined with the help of creative minds at Mancini Duffy, we were able to execute a series of photoshoots to gather branded visual content that could be used for the new website. Some of these shoots included office environment editorials, team headshots, and product photography. Once we finalized the visual assets, we designed and developed a modern and fully responsive website to serve as the digital headquarters for Mancini Duffy.


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