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  • Sound Roylaties focuses on giving music artists the ability to focus on their craft by providing an invaluable monetary service without the risk of compromising the rights to their music. Sound Royalties have proven that they not only provide their clients an invaluable service, but also improve the music industry as a whole

    Sound Royalties

    Our Task

    Since the trust between Sound Royalties and their clients is so important, they needed a company to re-design and develop their new website that not only understood the business side of the music industry, but the artists as well. Our extensive experience building websites for music labels, licensing companies, and artists made us a great fit to facilitate Sound Royalties web goals.


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    Sound Royalties

    We outfitted them with a unique website featuring cutting edge approaches that propelled them to the forefront of modern web design. Most importantly, we provided a powerful lead generation platform with the ability to scale with the company for years to come.

    Sound Royalties

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