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  • American Stimulus Funding Corp has been helping small and medium sized businesses across the United States since 2009. Their mission is to provide reliable, fast, and secure ways for entrepreneurs and business owners to receive funding to grow their businesses.

    Our Task

    In 2014, Mark Standish and Carl Timpone of Visual Natives were approach by American Stimulus Funding to re-brand their corporate identity and update their website to align with the constantly evolving standards of technology and finance. With the design of an entirely new logo, re-redesign and development of the ASF website, and creation of a fully re-branded stationary package, the 2 founders of soon to be Visual Natives were able to introduce modern design and development elements to streamline lead generation and influence client transactions.

    Although the project was an overall success, the finance industry rarely plays by the same rules each year. This required ASF to re-evaluate their business methods and goals, which ultimately required them to re-think their current website 3 years later. In 2017, Visual Natives took this opportunity to not only re-build a website that outlined ASF’s updated financing solutions, but also to develop a 100% mobile responsive website with on-site English to Spanish translations. To bring the website up to speed, new fonts and design elements were introduced that resulted in a “refresh” of the company’s current logo and color palette. All said and done, Visual Natives packaged the new website and branding efforts to successfully reintroduce America Stimulus Funding as a trusted industry leader in both finance and technology.



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